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Friday, December 29, 2006

Best Television of 2006 - Part 3

The Office

Now, no one liked the British version more than me - for a time I worked the opinion that it was underrated. I haven't seen it recently, but I'm guessing it still stands up. I hated the American version at first - it was like a school play using British scripts. But it really came into its own. What makes it great are the deviations from the model: it's still tender, and moving, and pleasantly bleak, but there's a little less realism, and it's funny, sometimes the original forgot to do that. It's also much more of an ensemble piece - like Manchester United with goals, the funnies come from throughout the team: Creed! Angela! Stanley! Toby!

And fuck you, Gervais, with your 12 episodes and a Christmas special cop-out. These guys have done 40 so far. 40! And it's better than ever.

You remember, of course, the rumoured cover of Feed the World by TUPNews's "group" with rapping by the Uncertainty Principle? Right.

Here it is! Thanks Stef.


Thursday, December 28, 2006

Jah Jah Dub Comment Tread of 2006

Probably this one. You all brought your game.

Best Television of 2006 - Part 2


Yep, late on this one too, and I've only seen the first "season". And yet...

Now this is a bit hit in America, of course, so they have money to spend on it, but still - if you win a race because you have good equipment and training, it doesn't mean that you should be disqualified in favour of the guy five seconds behind wearing plimsolls and winkingly milking the home crowd.

Hugh Laurie is great, and don't let the voice put you off - it's only British people who think his accent is dodgy, American critics all approve. Thankfully, after the first few episodes the focus shifts from CSI-for-diseases to character. They're funny! They're pretty! They're complicated! Great.

I just can't get enough of Laurie; nor, apparently, can the great women of America. This is surely the most unexpected, and welcome, second act of anyone's career. He's finally moved out of (fat fraudulent jester) Stephen Fry's shadow; and he's given hope to us all.

Can you imagine a worse New Year's Eve than this one, with dreary milksop Alain de Botton?
The whole point of the evening would be to create an atmosphere of exceptional intimacy, where everyone could stop trying to seem impressive and instead reveal themselves to be the flawed, anxious, silly, profound, doubting creatures we all are underneath. Rather than boasting about achievements, people would be encouraged to reveal their fears and regrets.

Best Television of 2006 - Part 1

At last some competition: TV's really where it's at right now. TV is so where it's at, I'm breaking it into smaller categories.

The best stuff by far is coming out of America - and it's not simply about bigger markets and more advertising revenue allowing them to make great stuff. Battlestar Galactica gets a couple of million viewers, but just look at it. The cast, sets, scripts and attention to detail are miles ahead of anything coming out of the UK. The fuss here over Doctor Who shows how low our expectations are: Doctor Who is a children's programme. It's ok, but it wastes its budget tarting up its slipshod plotting and characterisation with CGI; where's the ambition?

Or, to put it another way:

Battlestar Galactica: awesome

Doctor Who: well lame

Man of the Year: Anyone but bloody Guy Goma.

Guy: overstaying his welcome

Boring make-weights:

Album of the Year: Bof. Don't remember when I bought that Connie Francis CD. 2005, probably.
Film of the Year: Not sure I went to the cinema in '06. In the better than I expected on DVD category, the winners are probably The Right Stuff and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Note: all winners are provisional and likely to change as I remember stuff.

It's time for, it's time for, another scantily thought-through, half-arsed blog idea!

The Jah Jah Dub 2006 End of Year Awards


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

You have some free time, right? Check it.

If you can't be bothered checking every one, you know you want to see "What's Opera Doc" again.

The Good News

I've just got home and we haven't been burgled and the hampster hasn't died.

Also, I have Rocky here on DVD.


Friday, December 22, 2006

The reason, incidentally, why Oasis were (are, and always will be) better than blur, can be found in this article (scroll down to Noel). Damon Allbran never says anything that good; for Noel, coming up with this stuff is just another day at the office.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Much to my disappointment, Kinky Friedman won't ship his salsa internationally.


Friday, December 15, 2006

Let's be honest, I need to update my look.

I need a brake on my subconscious: for me, right now, there's only one look in town - that of my hero, Dr Gaius Baltar (as played by James Callis).

Sure, sure, he doesn't look so good here:

But then, this is what I'm talking about. Maybe some of this. Even this:

In Colonial Day he wears a great suit, with a white shirt and a loosened tie; but I can't find the pictures.

Seriously, I'm this close.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

I worked the late shift today; I could afford to doze with the radio on.

The King of Rock and Roll
started and I gave myself completely. This, I thought, is incredible. People have severely underestimated how good this song is. This is probably the best song I have ever heard.

I just downloaded it. I wanted to hear it again, check a lucid response against the hypnagogic one.

Turns out I was pretty much spot on.

In other news, I'm considering affectedly cultivating an appreciation for Steely Dan, and then listening to nothing but Steely Dan.

I don't know anything about Steely Dan.

Help get Ringo a knighthood: sign here.

So, Muppets this Sunday. I've sent an email out, but I'm sticking it here too. The screening will probably be around 4pm, but come earlier for general fun. Any time after 2pm would be fine. If I've left you off the email don't be sad.

Tony T? Guessing it's too far for you. But you other "blog" people - Kat etc - you're welcome.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I know I should never read these things, but still... The Observer's worst Christmas song ever? Mariah Carey's All I want for Christmas is you. Absurd.

Hating this is perverse.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The number 1 rock cliche here is something I've never heard of - shouting "Freebird" between songs. Does this ever happen in Britain? What if you did it here? Is ironically referencing an unfamiliar tradition even worse than participating in it? It's not particularly relevant to me - I don't really go to gigs, just wondering.

In other news, this might be the worst thing I've ever seen (via Tony T.).

I just saw a jogging man wearing a bandana.

It is unlikely I will ever wear a bandana.


Monday, December 11, 2006

They made a sequel?!


Every now and again a film comes along that critics use as an excuse to showboat. Look at some of the responses:
"Van Wilder 2's sense of numbing familiarity is not enhanced by director Mort Nathan's apparent unfamiliarity with the entire filmmaking process."

"The Rise of Taj never rises to the level of time-killer."

"Ryan Reynolds did Blade: Trinity, people. If he thinks a sequel is beneath him, you'd better believe it."

Now, they said similar things about the original, and that was alright. I'll catch the sequel on DVD - guessing I won't have to wait too long.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Does anyone know which album has a cover something like this?

It's driving Marty nuts.


It's this:

In case it was annoying you.

This year I've come across at least four excellent TV shows that have been running for ages without me ever bothering to watch them. So then I have to catch-up, and it's a pain and yeah. So I have a question for you:

What have I been missing?

TV, music, food, whatever.

You know how the internet's not quite there yet? Have you seen the top 10 most watched videos on Youtube? Now, I'm not saying that they're ALL completely worthless, but most are not even the best of their pretty lame type (schoolgirls mime song, for instance).


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Working in London's ludicrous St. James's, I spot my fair share of celebrities. Last week Alan Cumming walked past the office, and Michael Winner stopped his Bentley on the road outside and popped into the Ritz. The Ritz does not offer a valet service - it took a while for the doormen to work that problem out, as honking-traffic mounted behind.

Yesterday I watched from the office doorway the arrivals for the Queen's 80th birthday party - Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, Prince Edward and Sophie, Prince Andrew and daughters, then Prince Philip and Queen. They arrived in order of seniority. That was fine, I guess, but was overshadowed by someone else I had seen in the street a couple of hours earlier. Only David Bellamy!

I had my hair cut earlier. As my locks fell to the floor I wondered what I was playing at. Why hadn't I told them to just tidy it up a bit in readiness for further growth? Then I could have paved the way for transformation into my new hero, Doctor Gaius Baltar (link probably contains spoilers) from Battlestar Galactica.

Gaius Baltar: now there's a look


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